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For this assignment, you will write a semantic analysis on a close reading of linguistics in Beowulf.

For this assignment, you will write a semantic analysis on a close reading of linguistics in Beowulf.



For this assignment, you will write a semantic analysis on a close reading of linguistics in Beowulf. Focus on the authorial tone or speaker’s views when analyzing whether truth is shown through various constructs of language in the text. For instance, the scholar Eric Stanley, contends that “the poet represents him as” fated “by the working of the curse against him laid on the dragon’s hoard.” Focus on the author’s syntactical and lexicographical components. Compare and contrast a reading of Beowulf’s words representing arete with a reading of his words representing the curse or wyrd. How is the oral epic tradition transcendent? If truth is not attainable, what structural or syntactical forms were shown to prove this? For this assignment, you will engage in either Structuralist or Deconstructionist theories to examine whether universal truth is shown as being either attainable or ultimately unattainable in the epic through representations of natural law through the battle between good versus evil. Write a five-paragraph that investigates the structural and syntactical forms and patterns of archaic language. The will focus on techniques such as kennings, imagery, allegory, personification, metaphors, and symbols that either represent or repress universal truth.  Choose at least two or three of these techniques to analyze. Focus on how the cognates of words are used to create meaning. When focusing on truth, analyze the Pre-Christian views in the text through the nature of absolutist views of natural law. When investigating the nature of anti-truth in the text, focus on the nature of wyrd and paganism, particularly in the ending where Beowulf’s death potentially represents nihilism or fatalism based on the interpretation of the representations of good and evil vanishing from the earth through Beowulf’s defeat of the dragon, leaving his people bereft and with a hoard of worthless treasure. Were Beowulf’s words lacking truth and meaning, leading to the curse of the treasure hoard and his death? Is the religious context of his language arbitrary when viewing the final outcome? Or, you can argue that the ways of the past must be vanquished to arrive at new truth found in the solidarity of the people and utilitarianism, bringing forth new political philosophy, as shown through the representation of the worthless ancient treasure. Is the treasure symbolic of Beowulf’s words as becoming curses due to his hubris based on the nature of wyrd in the plot? Focus on how his words lead to a new era of truth as religion would later become a central factor defining the Westernization of society in the future. Create a lens for attaining truth through a thoughtful, well-organized. Explain how Beowulf’s words can be used to explain whether the cultural construct of truth is shown in our world today in the conclusion.

The close reading will include a thorough analysis of something specific that focuses on one aspect of the text through an analysis on an introspective look at Beowulf?s use of riddles, humor, and stoicism.  You are required to support your own original claims with citations from the text to prove point. Explicate the diction in the text that focuses on the nature of truth. You may also concede by stating that the semantics in the text neither supports, or negates the existence of universal truths. It is only required that you cite from the literary work for this assignment. The is required to be five complete paragraphs. These paragraphs include an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. There should be six sentences per paragraph.

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