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In this Forum Activity assignment, we will explore the critical role of retrospective reflection in the lifecycle of projects.

In this Forum Activity assignment, we will explore the critical role of retrospective reflection in the lifecycle of projects.

In this Forum Activity assignment, we will explore the critical role of retrospective reflection in the lifecycle of projects. Reflective practices are essential for learning from past experiences, improving team dynamics, and enhancing project outcomes. Your task is to locate a relevant, credible source that discusses the importance and impact of retrospective reflection in projects.

Use academic databases, journals, or professional project management resources to find an article, paper, or report that thoroughly discusses the importance of retrospective reflection in projects. The source should cover aspects such as lessons learned, team dynamics, project outcomes, and continuous improvement.

Ensure that the source is:

  • Credible: Published by a reputable journal, organization, or author.
  • Relevant: Directly addresses the topic of retrospective reflection in the context of project work.
  • Recent: Published within the last five years to ensure up-to-date information.

Write at least a 500-word analysis of the source covering the following:

  • Summary: Provide a brief overview of the source, including its main thesis or arguments about the importance of retrospective reflection.
  • Critical Analysis: Examine the evidence and examples the author(s) used to support their claims. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their argument.
  • Personal Reflection: Reflect on how the insights from the source can be applied to your own experiences in project work. Consider any new perspectives or practices you might adopt based on this source.

Citation and Ethics: Properly cite the source in your analysis using APA 7 style format.  



Now that we have reached the end of the course, it is time to reflect on our experiences (a/k/a lessons learned). Reflect on your learning and experience related to this course, then draft and post a response to the questions below.

End of Course Retrospective

  1. At what moment in the course did you feel most engaged with what was happening?
  2. At what moment in the course were you most distanced from what was happening?
  3. What action that anyone (teacher, student, colleague, etc.) take related to the course that you find most affirming or helpful?
  4. What action that anyone took related to the course did you find most puzzling or confusing?
  5. What about this course surprised you the most? (This could be about your reaction to what happened, something that someone did, or anything else.)
  6. What did you do as a result of this class to enhance your learning?
  7. What course changes would you recommend in the spirit of best practices, continuous improvement, and lessons learned?

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