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In this module, you learned about how an OS can exist on a virtual machine. For example, you might use a MacBook and have macOS Catalina as the operating system installed on it.

In this module, you learned about how an OS can exist on a virtual machine. For example, you might use a MacBook and have macOS Catalina as the operating system installed on it.

In this module, you learned about how an OS can exist on a virtual machine. For example, you might use a MacBook and have macOS Catalina as the operating system installed on it. Then you might use Windows 10 as a virtual desktop on a virtual machine. This capability allows you to utilize both OSes on one computer. As you complete this module’s discussion, you and your peers will reflect on the value of virtualization, specifically in relation to operating systems.

In your initial post, address the following:

  • Provide an example of when an organization or an IT professional might choose to implement an operating system via virtualization, and explain how that example meets organizational needs.

In response to two of your peers, address the following:

  • If you agree, build upon the original poster’s claims and further the discussion. If you disagree, state your own argument in a constructive way.
  • Then answer the following questions:
    • Why is virtualization important, especially in relation to OSes? What makes virtualization important?
    • How is virtualization being used in the workplace today?


1. There are many instances, within organizations, that call for using virtualization. One example would be two organizations collaborating, however, one organization (we’ll call them organization B) still uses legacy software that is specific to their older OS. Organization A could revert all their systems back to that version but the expense and practicality of it would be a nightmare to execute. Instead, organization A can simply use a virtualization machine that is based in a main computer or server and has instances set up across the organization where it is needed. The reason for having a VM set up on main server or computer is so that you only need one firewall to regulate all the packets to and from the VM. Then you set up a internal VM network on all company computers and run those instances through the firewall VM which is external (allows for internet connection). 

This solution will allow organization A to use organization B’s legacy software without great expense or technical headaches. Ultimately leading to a successful, and ideally profitable, collaboration. 

2. Imagine a situation where a company needs to run multiple operating systems on the same physical server for different purposes. By using virtualization, they can create multiple virtual machines (VMs) on a single physical server, each running its operating system.

This fulfills organizational needs in several ways:

1. **Resource Efficiency**: Virtualization allows better use of hardware resources by consolidating resources and reducing hardware costs and energy consumption.

2. **Isolation**: Each VM operates independently, enhancing system reliability and stability.

3. **Flexibility**: Virtualization offers the flexibility to quickly deploy and scale environments as needed.

4. **Security**: Virtualization can enhance security by isolating sensitive applications or environments.

Overall, implementing operating systems via virtualization allows organizations to optimize resource usage, increase flexibility, improve security, and streamline IT management processes, effectively meeting various organizational needs.

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