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The human brain is responsible for many functions within us consisting of the neurological and biological, with our brain being responsible for how and why we interact a certain way with our environment, ourselves, and others.

The human brain is responsible for many functions within us consisting of the neurological and biological, with our brain being responsible for how and why we interact a certain way with our environment, ourselves, and others.

The human brain is responsible for many functions within us consisting of the neurological and biological, with our brain being responsible for how and why we interact a certain way with our environment, ourselves, and others. In the frontal lobe of the brain, this area is known to be responsible for language, motor functions, and a range of social reasoning such as our morality, personality, self-awareness, and other cognitive processes Reddy et al. (2018). When an injury is caused to the frontal lobe what can happen is high impulsivity, lack of sensitivity, and inhibition, while a frontal lobe injury or dysfunction does not predict criminal behavior it can be the risk of violence at chances between 10-20% of the base rate from the population Reddy et al. (2018). Damage in the frontal lobe has also been linked to antisocial personalities and behavioral control issues which in turn causes a person with a damaged or dysfunctional frontal lobe to engage in inappropriate behaviors and poor decision making when faced with conflicts Reddy et al. (2018). Frontal lobe dysfunction can cause abnormal and criminal behavior because damage in this area of the mind which is responsible for our personality type and other important social understanding and reasonings can lead to a lack of morals which in turn leads to conducting in an abnormal and criminal manner. A main cause as to why frontal lobe dysfunction relates to abnormal and criminal behavior is that not only does injury in this area of the brain result in bad decision making and a reactivity reduction to social cues but, to a hormonal irregularity that is responsible for aggressive tendencies Reddy et al. (2018).

 Frontal lobe dysfunction can also be related to the development of certain disorders like personality disorders. A personality disorder is behavior that deviates from expected societal and social norms that is pervasive and inflexible, a disorder that frontal lobe dysfunction can be related to is antisocial personality disorder which involves having disregard for the violation and rights of others American Psychiatric Association (2013). For forensic psychologists understanding personality disorders like antisocial personality disorder and how it is often correlated with crime and criminal behaviors is needed, though it has to be stressed that the disorder alone is not the root cause of a crime and that a forensic psychologist should take steps to understand the complexities of both the disorder and if a crime should be associated as a cause because of the disorder. In brain imaging studies conducted, it shows a clear connection between brain dysfunctions and aggressive behavior, one study showed through PET scans that convicted murderers had lower glucose metabolism in the region that dictates inhibitory behaviors showing abnormal functioning Reddy et al. (2018). In a murder trial a forensic psychologist testified that an fMRI brain scan showed that the murderer had diminished activity in key areas of his brain that were affecting his behavior and impulse control Reddy et al. (2018). This case showing that forensic psychologist needs to understand the importance that damage to the brain can have on an individual especially when it involves crime and criminal behavior of the aggressive kind. The overall psychological implication that frontal lobe dysfunction has is that the person with the dysfunction cannot interact and tell what is wrong or what is right and as a result criminal behaviors can be done without the full intent of the frontal lobe dysfunction sufferer. Another discovery found with brain scan studies is that links between psychopathy and abnormalities in the cortical and also the subcortical regions of the frontal lobe were found Reddy et al. (2018). This shows that this area of the brain has a substantial factor in how someone behaves and is and whether or not criminal behavior will be done and also understood by the person with frontal lobe dysfunction. Having issues in this region of the brain also shows how significant psychological implications with this disorder are related and why it is important to understand the relationship it has towards criminal behavior.


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